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Nylon mattress tufting tapes with 19 mm molded plastic ends are widely used for futon and mattress tufting. They can be used alone, or be anchored with Felt Washers. Available in 5 mm increments, from 25 mm and up, to 300 mm. Regular colors are WHITE and BLACK. Inquire about our special colors.

The tufting tape replaces the twine and buttons and makes tufting of futon mattress padding a faster, easier and more accurate operation. 

The tufting process is very easy, using our Ejector Needle.  Insert one end of the tufting tape in our Ejector Needle, by pushing it into the slot towards the point, then push the needle through compressed mattress and the tufting tape will automatically eject after it has come through the other side of the mattress. 
No experience is necessary.  The mattress is fully tufted in a few moments. 
Nylon Tape Plastic Ends
Length: 25 mm - 300 mm
Width: 6.5 mm
Length: 19 mm
Width: 4 mm
High: 2.5 mm

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